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Have "Sea Monsters" ever existed and what were they like. Are they myths or reality?

("Sea Monsters" will be reffered to as marine reptiles on this wiki site)
Every one has heard of "sea monsters" mythical serpents, squids, the Loch Ness monster. Well, all of these creatures may not be as good as real but you can still imagine them and truly they were once real. They were marine reptiles (Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs\Pliosaurs, Mosasaurus) when dinosaurs roamed the land they roamed the sea. They were truly imaginable. Their fossils where found all over the world.

Three main spiecies of marine reptiles:

The Ichthyosaur

1. Ichthyosaur

This creature may look like a dolphin crossed with a fish and look like almost nothing of a reptile but looks can be deceiving. Ichthyosaurs were actually the first marine reptiles that were almost completely adapted to sea life.

Plesiosaurus (long neck plesiosaur)/ Pliosaurs (short neck plesiosaur)

2. Plesiosaur (long neck plesiosaur)
3. The Monster (short neck plesiosaur)

This "Water Giraffe" (long neck plesiosaur) above left resembles the look of the legendary "Loch Ness Monster". The giant beast above right is the same kind of marine reptile but pliosaurs have short neck and large heads.


4. Tylosaurus

Tylosaurus resemble alligator and sea serpent.